Don't we all  Love a Cinderella story?

 Especially when you can say,  “I can’t take any credit because this is God.” After you hear Melissa’s story,  you’ll be compelled to check it out. You’re life will be touched in a way you’ll never forget. God orchestrated everything, it’s just truly a meant-to-be story.


If you're looking for tranquility and peace, come to Lotus where healing is the atmosphere.

Lotus Spa & Salon is a cottage style setting located 6877 Wales Ave NW, Canton, Ohio. Melissa Bloom is an Independant woman with a heart of gold. After recovering from 2 surgeries she aspired to follow her dream of providing luxury and ambiance while doing a better job than those charging three times as much.


The Lotus flower flourishes in tranquil waters, pressing through the muck and murk. Melissa relates to that with her success story. Never giving up,  she crushed several obstacles,  including cancer, and believes that until truly knowing God, people don’t find their purpose. Backed up by numerous testimonials, you have to agree, she has found hers.


Her road to 20 yrs of experience began with doing hair during high school in cosmetology school, then moving on to several careers in the hair industry falling in and out of love with it. She studied at top salons and under hairdressers including Paul Mitchell educators in Florida.


According to Melissa, her story really begins after she moved back to Ohio. Crediting her clients as being a support system through her battles including cancer she can truly say Trust God and never quit.

And the story continues…                              …Come share our journey…

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