It is often said that there is a lot in a name, and that is certainly the case with our Salon. The Lotus flower, known for its beauty and delicacy, grows in tranquil waters, pressing through murk and muck to thrive in conditions that one wouldn’t expect. Owner and founder Melissa Bloom-Doerschuk resonates with Louts flower, and in it sees her own success story. Like the muck and the murk that the Lotus flower must overcome to thrive, Melissa overcame many obstacles in her own life, including cancer, to bloom into the state of joy and success that exudes today.  Melissa believes that in truly knowing God, she has uncovered her true purpose, and as soon as you get to know her, you can’t help but agree! 

Founded in December of 2009, Bloom at Lotus Salon and Spa has now been growing and helping clients look and feel their best for more than a decade. Whether you have been a part of the family for years, or you are hearing about us for the first time, our doors are always open to you. 

Come all who are weary, and you will find rest. -Matthew 11:28 

6877 Wales Ave.


We first moved to this location in 2014 and transforming it into the beautiful retreat that it is today has been a continual labor of love. 

Our Beginnings

Melissa's dream first became a reality in December of 2009, when she opened Bloom at Lotus Spa and Salon.